Deploying the Angular FrontEnd


  • The zoe angular frontend can be found in the zoe_fe folder.


Installation can be done in two different ways. Both require installation of a few packages, which are listed in package.json. All dependencies can be installed simply by running npm install from within the zoe_fe folder.

  1. Development Server
  • The first way to install the frontend is to install a local development server; this server will automatically reload when source files are changed. This can be done by the following two steps:
    • Run ng serve
    • Navigate to http://localhost:4200/
  1. Proxy Server
  • The second way to install zoe can be done using a proxy with zoe. Information for setting up a proxy for zoe can be found at docs/proxy.rst. Once a proxy is created, installation is done by the following:
  • Run ng build -prod --output-path=prod
    • This will create all the build files in the /prod directory. These files need to be copied to the frontend server setup in the proxy configuration.
    • Note that in order to change the <base href="/"> within the index.html file, it is possible to add the following to the ng build command: --base-href x where x is the new href value.

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More information for deploying the angular project can be found in its documentation at zoe_fe/